Uncle Boojie’s Single Barrel No. 2

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U N C L E    B O O J I E ‘ S

Bourbon Whiskey

 Single Barrel No. 2

100 proof

Howardstown, Kentucke

Nose: Scorched honey pot with beautiful notes of caramelized white oak woven within.

Taste: Honey kissed black tea, with a comforting caramel finish.

700ml Bottle

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1 review for Uncle Boojie’s Single Barrel No. 2

  1. Gary Haber

    A good friend of mine bought me a #2 for my bday recently.
    He knows I love a great sipping whiskey, and he gave me this as a gift.
    This has to be the most incredible tasting whiskey I’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking.
    I love the caramelized honey aftertaste.
    It goes down extremely smooth with no burn.
    Thank you Mike for this wonderful gift.

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